English Department Workshop

March 3, 2003

AP Gail Reisin


  1. Visit Manhattan High Schools website @ mhss.org

2. Browse the resources listed in litstudies.com

Looking for quotes, poems or essays to teach? Type in the keywords and you will find the materials you need. Great resource for authors and literary works.

This website provides free resources for teachers who wish to teach the Classics. It includes a list of direct links to Classically-themed e-texts (online books) and links to the libraries where these and many, many other excellent online books may be found.

In this site you will find links to "Literature Study Guides (Bellmore-Merrick Central High School)"," Writing Guide (Oswego High School)", and  "High School Hub: English".

This website provides examples and guidelines for teachers who are learning to integrate technology into their teaching and tools to create quizzes, rubrics, worksheets or projects etc.

This is an excellent resource website both for teachers and students but it is exceptionally helpful to students who need help doing their homework in all subjects.

This is a high-quality web site for doing humanities research.

All three websites provide e-texts of literary works. You can print out any section you need for your teaching.

It contains many lesson plans plus online training for new teachers.

A great resource for teaching American Literature- lesson plans, videos, an online student-created literary magazine, "background information, author profiles, online links, and behind-the-scenes production news on the films that will be seen on the series..."

In this website, you will find thousands of lessons and classroom activities written by teachers based on historical documents, photographs, films, and audio recordings.

Learn to create a rubric from scratch using the  assessment resources listed in the site as a place to start.

This United Video streaming website provides hundreds of online viewable  & educational movies, many of which are accompanied by lesson plans as well.

3. Share Our Favorite Websites

What websites do you go to  for information or share with your students? Please email the website URLs( website address )with brief annotations to B. Wu at bwu@nycboe.net. Our department will compile a list of websites that are most useful for teachers and students.

4. Future Technology Training

In March, April & May, B. Wu will offer technology-integration training to interested  teachers in our department during her prep periods ( 2nd or 3rd) on March 11, 12 18, 19; April  8, 9 ,15; May  6, 7, 13, & 14 in room 439.

March Theme: How to Create a WebQuest Lesson

April Theme: How to Create a Website for your Class

May Theme: How to Manage the Class While Teaching in a Computer Room

5. Activate your BOE email

All TeacherOutlook E-mail addresses will contain the suffix "….@nycboe.net."

Your personal login will usually consist of your first initial + the first six characters of your last name (or your full last name if it is no more than 6 letters).

Please notice the word usually!

As you probably realize, in many cases there will be a duplication of logins. In these cases, a numeral will be added to each individual's login. (i.e., the logins for all individuals named Jane Smith, John Smith, etc. would be jsmith@nycboe.net, jsmith2@nycboe.net, jsmith3@nycboe.net, etc….)

Follow the easy steps below to ascertain your own personal login:

If you find that your account has not been created please contact your district Information Technology Director (http://www.nycenet.edu/offices/diit/itdirectors/).